Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mission Statement

Hello!  My name is Jeremy and I live in Los Angeles.  I recently won a Leather Title, Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather 2013, and then competed for Mr. Los Angeles Leather.  During this time I was flooded with invites to events and met tons of people.  It was really overwhelming.  I had been trying to break in to the Leather Community for 10 years.  I was untrained and didn't have a lot of experience in the beginning.  It was very hard to make friends or really feel welcomed.  Now, I did eventually feel that way, but I had to win a Leather Title first. 
I thought to myself through this process how many people we, as a community, have lost because there was no "welcome committee".  I, who love this world and the lifestyle, left at one point because I felt there was no place for one to show me the one to mentor me.
I was wrong, there was just no way of finding them among the crowd.  This is my goal.  Create a place where sweet guys just want to help each other, have some fun, learn new things,  hone skills and support each other.  This is what FetishMenLosAngeles is all about.  Experience level, amount of gear you have,  how many rules you know....none of this matters here.  We welcome all and support our brothers, no matter where they stand or what they know.  
I thought this dream too idealistic for modern Los Angeles.  I just didn't think it could work in a big city.  Then I was introduced to Papa Tony and he showed me the workings of FetishMenSanDiego.  It was then, I was truly inspired and knew it could work here too.  It would be hard work and slow in the beginning but eventually we will have a group of like-minded individuals that want that feeling of brotherhood, of community. 
So join me in creating this new world.  It is time for us to be a community that has its arms wide open.  I believe that is what we have been all along, we just didn't know how to actualize it.  Now is our chance to welcome the next generation, to connect with others and pass down our knowledge.  And, perhaps, learn a few things ourselves.  Now is our time!  Welcome to the birth of FetishMenLosAngeles!


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