Monday, August 12, 2013

August Get-Together Recap

Hey everyone!
Thank you to everyone that came to our get-together on Saturday, and a special Thank-You to the Avatars.  We had quite the lively discussion.  There were some differences of opinion and some passionate exchanges.  I believe a lot of good came out of it all.  FMLA stands for diversity and as a place for everyone to be able to be a part of something and have their thoughts heard.  So, naturally there will be those whose opinions differ...but that it what makes us great.  It opens the possibility for growth and understanding.
I think we all learned a lot about the community, but more importantly about what we stand for.  FMLA is there for everyone in the fetish community, interested in the fetish community or just curious.  We are a group where anyone can come out and discover where they want to be...whether it is just a voyeur, an occasional participant or live a full-fledged fetish lifestyle.  Each person has their place and this is where you can discover what is best for you.